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Vintage Brooch Bouquet

I made my first vintage brooch bouquet. It was fun and easy to make and the results were very beautiful.

Our daughter and her fiance decided to elope.  I figured it out the week before so I quietly started making a bouquet for her. I used pins from her all her relatives that we had accumulated over the years. The added personal touches helped her feel the love of her family on her special day.

Some of the things I  included: cameos and old pins from her grandmothers, dog tags from her fiance and grandfather, 1920 high school ring from great grandmother, my first wedding ring,  gumby pin from her father, sapper pin (for fiance), dalmation pin (for her baby and gator pin(of course). I filled in the bouquet with beautiful antique buttons.


DYI instructions:

It was easier to make than I thought. I took 20 gauge wire (from jewelery section of craft stores) to attach the pins and make the stalks. I ran the wire through the back of the pins or buttons in two spots then twisted the wire very tightly behind the pin. The twisting of the wire tightly made a good support for the pins and buttons. I continued to twist the wire down the stalk.


I was going to cover each stalk in brown floral tape but as I bunched them together I realized you could not see the stalk because most of it would be under the floral tape on the base of the bouquet. After making all the flower pins, I began to bunch them together. I found it much easier to create the look of a bouquet to wrap a few stems in floral tape exactly how I wanted them and then added more. Each time I added a few more stems, I wrapped them all together with floral tape. I was worried it would make the bouquet stem too bulky but it didn’t. I kept it good and tight.

The results were amazing! While I was sad that I missed her special day, I was glad she had a piece of us with her so she could remember how much we love her!